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More Rain is free acoustic worship music. The vision is to give music to people to help them engage with GOD in some way. http://www.morerain.com. All music is given under Creative Commons license.

Why is it Music Free?

Well, that's a long story. The short version is..."because free is better."  The long version is more along the lines of a desire to live a life that "freely gives..freely receives" (Matt 10:8). There are many artists who are following this trend of giving away the art and sharing inspiration with all and there are many tools and service available now so that this is actually pretty easy to do for little to no cost at all.  Creative Commons also provides some great legal guidance for sharing art.  So as a "Worshipping Artist" it makes all the more sense to not make a "market place" out of the "temple" and just to give the elements of worship away when at all possible. And thanks to today's technology and communication tools; writing, recording, and sharing has never been easier. So that is why this music is and will hopefully always be free.

About Dan Smith

Dan is a happy father of 5 wonderful kids and he is blessed to have an amazing wife to share the gift of life with.  Dan began playing guitar while attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.  He did not have a musical background or training, but what he did have was a very simple prayer - "God if You help me play guitar and sing then I will sing for You!".  So He did. He spend hour upon hour playing and learning worship songs, every chance he could get, he was playing - between classes, in the morning and late into the night.  As Dan was faithful to play, God was faithful to expand his gift and passion for worshipping. Soon he was leading songs of worship for small groups, devotionals, men's ministry meetings and soon he was invited to lead in larger settings - youth groups, church services, worship nights.  Still to this day Dan's prayer is the same - "God if You help me play guitar and sing then I will sing for You!"

Dan is currently the Worship Pastor for an amazing community of Christ followers at Vineyard Church Palm Desert (www.golikejesus.com) where he leads regularly.

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