Communion Song

/Gmaj7   /     / Gmaj7/F#         /    

O how Your body was broken
O how Your blood poured out

O how our shame was upon you
O how Your tears rolled down

         Em              D/F#           G
That we could be children of God
     Em        D/          G
To see Your infinite love

Now the stone pulled away
The tomb was left empty
The veil before God
Was torn into many

Now boldly we come
To the feet of our Father
All sinners all thieves
All drunkard and robbers

For the blood that was shed
Was done in our stead
Sin nailed up with Christ
And placed on His head

Now all that will drink
Of this bottomless fountain
Are seated with Christ
For righteous they’re counted


O now Your body is risen
O now your Spirit can dwell
O all our stains are forgiven
O what new life is found!

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