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More Rain's music is and will always be free and distributed under a Creative Commons License.  The desire is to 'freely give and we have freely received' and to let the music and lyrics minister to people in whatever way possible.  The greatest ambition of this music is to be used by God according to His will whether that be to a large or minimal group of listeners.

If you feel lead to help out in any way shape or form, here are some options that would make a difference. Just know that it is with hesitation that these options are given, because the goal of this music is not to gain help but just to be a blessing.

  1. Like More Rain on Facebook.

  2. Give your feedback in comments on the songs/articles and if you have used these songs in any corporate gatherings

  3. Tell others. If the music blessed you in any way, then tell other or burn them a CD

  4. Donate via PayPal. All funds will be put directly into making more More Rain music and further developing the excellence of the production.

  5. Use the following code to embed a linking More Rain icon.
    More Rain - Acoustic Worship Music

Thank you!

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Creative Commons License
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